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Tourism Portiragnes

Portiragnes is a town that is easy to fall in love with. It is a holiday resort appreciated for the beauty of its natural spaces as well as for its gentle way of life.

The destination is perfect for a romantic weekend or a getaway with family and friends. At the same time it is an interesting starting point for discovering other Hérault destinations in the vicinity, such as Béziers and Sète or even Agde and Montpellier.

By staying in a mobile home or pitch at the Vias campsite, you are only 4 km from the town of Portiragnes!

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Tourism in Portiragnes is a great opportunity to enjoy a town known for its gentle way of life.

Whether you are staying in the city centre or in a holiday home in the middle of nowhere, you don’t need much to enjoy a peaceful stay. Many visitors are tempted by the idea of a relaxing weekend by the sea.

Portiragnes, on the Mediterranean coast

The Mediterranean climate attracts many families, couples and youth groups. Holidaymakers literally fall under the spell of the Portiragnes seafront.

This place offers a wild and peaceful setting. There is a stream mouth where pink flamingos live in a water park.

In short, it is the perfect destination for lovers of beautiful beaches and wild coves.
The seafront is well known for its turquoise waters. But the hinterland is not to be outdone, quite the contrary.

Holidaymakers take advantage of their stay to taste the best Provençal wines of the coast. Among the bottles that make them happy, the Minervois often accompanies evenings with family or friends.

Tourism in Portiragnes is also an opportunity to indulge in all kinds of activities, especially those that can be enjoyed with the family, such as hiking or water sports like boat trips.

It is also an opportunity to discover the emblematic tourist sites for which the region is famous. The town of Portiragnes is not far from destinations known as much for their natural spaces as for their historical monuments.

Around Portiragnes

Béziers, for example, is about 20 minutes away by car (via the D612). The city is famous for its cathedral, which stands on a rock above the Orb.

Visitors can also enjoy the green Paul-Riquet alleys, a princely walk along the old city walls and moats.

Among the major tourist sites in Béziers, there is also the Musée du Biterrois which, installed in a 17th century barracks, reveals in detail the most violet episode of the city’s past: the 1209 massacre of the Cathars during the Albigensian crusade. Other sites include the Pont Vieux, the Jardin des Evêques, the Canal du Midi, the Plateau des Poètes, etc.

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plage grande conque portiragnes

The other nearby destination of choice is Agde (15 minutes drive via the D612). One of the reasons for going there is to enjoy the Grande Conque, a volcanic beach in a horseshoe shape, with grey-black sand and fine pebbles.

In calm weather, the beach is suitable for swimming, as the sea is protected by the headlands. Moreover, the beach has a gentle slope which keeps the water below knee height.

People also take advantage of their stay in Agde to admire its cathedral and visit its marine aquarium. Other places of interest in the town include the Musée Agathois, the old town, Aqualand and the Ecluse ronde d’Agde.

Those who have the time can take advantage of Portiragnes tourism to go further afield and discover Montpellier and its Place de la Comédie, or Sète and its Saint-Louis lighthouse…


Architecture, beaches, traditions and gastronomy. These are the “recipes” for the attractiveness of Portiragnes, one of the most popular destinations in the Hérault department. The town attracts even more visitors as it is not far from Béziers airport and Cap d’Agde.

The church of Saint-Félix is one of the historical monuments not to be missed in Portiragnes. The church was built entirely of basalt in the 12th century, in a gothic style.

The architectural style of the church is also a good example of a transition to the future Romanesque style of the time.
Visitors can also make a diversion to the town’s archaeological museum. The museum contains numerous relics from the Neolithic period.

tourisme volcan roque haute

The Hérault commune is also appreciated for its huge stretch of beach located four kilometres from the town centre. Who has never heard of Portiragnes Plage?

Who could resist spending a night or two in this postcard-perfect seaside resort? This idyllic destination, which was developed in the 1960s, is home to the well-known beaches of La Redoute and Le Bosquet.

These are particularly popular with families and young people, as they are suitable for swimming and other water sports. Above all, these long sandy beaches are supervised in summer.

Tourism in Portiragnes can also be an opportunity to discover the Roque-Haute volcano. According to our current knowledge, it is the youngest volcano in the Languedoc.

Portiragnes is also a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Holidaymakers can walk or cycle along paths that allow them to discover a whole mosaic of landscapes, in particular the wetlands of the area, where the fauna and flora are perfectly preserved.

Guided tours are organised at least once a week to explore these natural areas where pink flamingos and ash heroes flourish.


Portiragnes stands out from the other seaside destinations of the Hérault by the quality of conservation of its natural environment.

Wetlands are everywhere in the city. These natural areas have been developed with footpaths and are also accessible by bicycle.

Visitors can also enjoy a stretch of sand of about two kilometres, from Vias Plage to Sérignan. This beach is particularly appreciated for its naturalness, being “protected” by large dunes from the town centre and the nuisance that goes with it.

vias plage serignan
plage de la redoute

The beach of La Redoute is the one that is located most east of the seaside resort. It is the best known of all and therefore the most frequented.

Holidaymakers are all the more numerous as the campsites in the area, particularly in Vias, systematically highlight their proximity to the Redoute beach.

There are many other beaches in Portiragnes that are popular with holidaymakers, especially families. We suggest you discover three of them:

The East Beach

This is the most central beach in Portiragnes. It attracts holidaymakers for its completely unspoilt environment, with the town centre on the left-hand side. This large sandy beach stretches along the Boulevard du Front de Mer.

It is also protected by a wide dune line, which makes it ideal for swimming, especially with young children. The East Beach is also ideal for those seeking a natural wilderness environment, as it is away from the city centre, which is literally invisible from the beach.

Parking spaces are available along the Boulevard du Front de Mer. There is also a private beach and water sports activities nearby. The first aid post is on the left, at the impasse du Crabe.

plage est portiragnes
plage du bousquet

The beach of Bousquet

The Bousquet beach is located in the western part of Portiragnes plage, extending from the end of the boulevard du Front de Mer to the Bosquet wood.

It is precisely because of this wood and a large area of dunes that this large sandy beach is much wilder than those in the city centre.

In addition to couples looking for a natural wilderness area, families flock to the Bosquet beach.

This is especially true since there is a first-aid post on the Avenue du Bosquet. In addition, holidaymakers can take advantage of the picnic areas in the adjacent woods, not to mention the children’s playground.

There are several footpaths leading to the Bosquet beach from the town centre. The beach can also be reached by car via Chemin de la Rivierette and Avenue du Bosquet. Parking spaces are available about 150 metres from the beach, at the entrance to the woods.

The West Beach

Also known as the Riviérette beach, this sandy beach is the wildest in Portiragnes. It stretches along the Grande Maïre, in the middle of two ponds.

Holidaymakers can take their dogs there after the sailing school, provided that the dogs are kept on a lead – this requirement is confirmed by the municipal police and the tourist office, although some signs indicate otherwise.

There is a municipal sailing school in the area near the car park and the Avenue de la Grande Maïre. There is also a private beach where you can enjoy various water sports, including windsurfing. However, some activities are prohibited, such as kitesurfing.

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Discover also the surroundings of Portiragnes