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Salagou Lake

It is a must for families, sportsmen and all tourists visiting the Hérault or the Languedoc region. Discover all the secrets of the Lac du Salagou, one of the most famous lakes in the South of France, which seems to emerge from nowhere and invites itself into the heart of the arid red hills. Welcome to another planet, to recharge your batteries or to have fun.

The magic of the Lac du Salagou

No one can remain insensitive to the natural beauty and the gigantic size of the place, even though it was imagined by man in 1969. The Salagou Lake, dug out of the ruffes, a typical red earth of the region formed of pelites, forces admiration and attracts visitors from all over the world. It is no coincidence that the area of the Hérault hinterland is compared to Mars, whose soils are made up of similar iron oxide-rich sedimentary rocks.

The Salagou, born of a small river tamed by a dam for farming purposes, is now the largest lake in the Hérault. The 750-hectare limpid expanse of water contrasts with its surroundings, which contain remains from four different geological eras. The Salagou Lake also captivates with its magical colours. The blue of the lake and the red of the hills are complemented by the black of the volcanic flows and formations such as the Neck de la Roque. This chimney, which is part of the Roques-Ariège dyke, is even enhanced by strata of yellow limestone, discordant rocks from the Mesozoic.

Some activities to do in this exceptional setting

Some people go there just to recharge their batteries and soak up the majesty of the space. After contemplation, the lake offers many surprises and leisure activities. If the lake is the ideal destination for sportsmen, gourmets and children are not forgotten…

A sportsman’s paradise

There are many sporting activities on the lake, on land, in the air and on the surrounding peaks. Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, stand up paddle, pedal boat, paragliding, canoeing/kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, via ferrata… you are spoilt for choice. Whatever your age or level of experience, you will never be bored. To practice a variety of outdoor activities all year round in complete safety, the ideal solution is to trust the professionals at the Salagou leisure centre. The area even offers courses (fun boat, multi-activities, children…) and events. During all your walks and activities, always take care to respect the protected fauna and flora.

The less sporty

The timeless space also calls for relaxation. Take time to breathe the fresh air and admire the panorama. The 28 km of shoreline and 125 million m3 of water also invite you to fish. You may be surprised to see the catfish that live in the deep waters. Some of them are more than 1 metre long… For those with a sweet tooth, there are plenty of places to eat and fresh produce is available. What do you think of a café on the terrace with a view of Le Salagou while waiting for the sportsmen?

And if you are looking for comfortable accommodation near this unique place, you will love the Cayola campsite in Vias, one of the most beautiful in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. This 4-star campsite with swimming pool is situated in a green setting close to the Mediterranean, the Etang de Thau and the Canal du Midi, and is about 50 km from the Salagou Lake. A great opportunity to discover the Cirque de Mourèze, a curiosity also classified “Natura 2000”, made up of a chaos of white dolomitic rocks near the Salagou. After the planet Mars… welcome to the Moon and its treasures!